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Sep 02, 2014 at 22:59 UTC

7 features of well-known slogans with examples

7 features of well-known slogans with examples

7 features of well-known slogans with examples

Do you know that guy on TV everybody remembers for saying the same catchy phrase over and over again? Well, every brand wants to be that guy, and that is why they use slogans. A company may have different slogans for different products and campaigns. There are many different kinds of slogans; the key is to use them effectively in your advertising to make people understand your brand and remember what you do.

If you are creating a slogan for your business, the key is to take a risk to create something memorable. These are 7 characteristics of well-known slogans to help you get inspired: 


They are short and simple 

California Milk Processor Board: Got milk?
Nike: Just do it
McDonalds: I'm loving it


They highlight a feature 

IMAX: Think big
Volkswagen: Think small
Mac Pro: Beauty outside. Beast inside.


They play with words 

Jaguar: Grace, space, pace
Survivor TV series: Outwit, Outplay, Outlast
eBay: Buy it. Sell it. Love it.


They’re descriptive

Ajax: Stronger than dirt
Subway: Eat Fresh
Nokia: Connecting people


They’re fun

KFC: Finger lickin' good
Taco Bell: Think outside the bun
Nintendo 64: Get N or get out


They’re emotional

Sony: Make believe
Adidas: Impossible is nothing
Red Cross: The greatest tragedy is indifference


They’re defiant

Apple: Think different
Electronic Arts: Challenge everything
Harley Davidson: American by birth. Rebel by choice

Now that you have a slogan, we'll be happy to design your brand

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