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In Toad it we'll get the best of you with our online design & branding ecosystem

about us

The story behind your ecosystem your ecosystem (And some leaked nude images of the creators)

The story behind your ecosystem
(And some leaked nude images of the creators)

To be honest, we know people don't read "about us" sections on websites. That is why we decided to use this space to test whether people want to see us nude. But before you scroll down to search for the images, please read this, because we have something important to tell you. 

We have never undressed in public before. What we have been doing for the past 7 years is creating brands and businesses for many clients (including ourselves). In doing so, we have learned many techniques for reaching success and others for reaching failure. No, you don't need to be
nude to reach success—that’s optional. But if you do all the work alone, you will fail for sure. That is why you need a good team working for your brand. That perfect team (and its perfect tools) are what we call "the ecosystem." 

Toad it was born because our ecosystem is now worldwide. Toad it is an online design and branding ecosystem in which a team of experts will get to know you (don't worry, everybody is dressed) so that they can create the best for you. We know you are unique, and that is why we have created online tools that will help us get to know you better. It’s all about you. You go first; design comes next. 

Check out Toad it's online design and branding services.

And now, our leaked nude images... ;)

We hope to meet you soon!

David Rodríguez and Juan Lopera
Toad it’s creators

Let's Toad it!